This piece Seiðr (Ceremony and nature protection) is an installation of objects that are

used in healing rituals from both eastern and ancient western culture. To enlighten the

diversity in ideas of power and trust in relation to nature, the objects come together in

an installation for a potential ceremony. On the cloth is placed Willow branches that

are known to be pain soothing, used in various healing traditions all over the world.

White sage is placed in a ceramic holder and the smoke is used mainly by Native

Americans to heal and cleanse the spirit, but also used in teas to sooth sore throats and

reduce inflammation. The yellow color on the cloths is extracted from turmeric, a wellknown

antioxidant from India. It is said to be the color of the sun, and provides

spiritual energy. Healing someone is an empathic act of caretaking. It is an act of repairing a biological

system, and means literally to make whole.

The photos are from an exhibition List Officinalis that took place in Nesstofan in Reykjavik,

which is an A-listed protected house. Nesstofan was the first herbal pharmacy in Iceland.

The piece is specificly exhibited in what used to be the Midwifes room.


Stoneware ceramics, rocks, timber, cotton, canvas, turmeric, glue, wood-mâché, white sage, willow branches, 300x200cm, 2017